Hill Family Dental
7517 Warden Rd.
Sherwood, AR 72120
Ph. 501-834-4066
Email: drhill@smilemagic.com

Office Hours:
Monday - Thursday 8AM - 5PM
Closed For Lunch 1PM - 2PM
Dr Hill was a judge at this year's Mrs. Arkansas America Pagent.
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I’m Dr. David Hill, a dentist here in Sherwood, Arkansas and we’re going to take a little walk around my dentist office.  It starts at the front and any questions you have, my staff is very experienced and they can help you with questions on insurance, questions on dental work.  They’re very good at helping with that.

I’ve tried to design the office to make it feel more like home and not like you’re at a dental office and make it as relaxing as we can here.

Things start with the dental hygienist and she’s busy at work here.  When you get your teeth cleaned we even have massage chairs where you can literally get a vibrating or heated massage while you’re getting your teeth cleaned.

And we do offer nitrous oxide and sedation for the people who need a little more than that.  This is one of my hygienists, Marilyn and she loves the massage chair and even has a little waterfall in the corner so you can just really relax when you’re getting your teeth cleaned.
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