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Dr. David Hill, DDS, of Hill Family Dental in Sherwood, Arkansas says:

I think it's really important to find a dentist who has a lot of experience placing implants, and implants of different types.  There are people who need implants to anchor dentures.  A lot of people don't realize that you can help anchor a partial denture with an implant where it will snap in instead of floating around or using those metal clasps around your teeth.

A lot of people these days are getting implants that will anchor crowns that will look like you got your tooth back, like they're growing out of the gum.  You can anchor permanent bridges, once they cement in.  So, there's a whole variety of different implants that fit different cases, and it takes someone who can determine which is the best for YOU, and going to give you the results that you want to help you in your particular situation.

Are Implants Expensive?

Implants are something that I think now are affordable for many people and there's even some implants now that are less expensive than they were years ago.  There are cases where we use some  mini implants to anchor dentures.  The most common area to anchor are lower dentures and they are a third to a fourth of the cost of implants just a few years ago.

Do You Have Financing Available for Implant Patients?

We do, and there are several different finance plans and a lot of people will either use those or there are even people who are using equity lines and things like that where they can actually write off part of it, so there are a lot of options on financing.

Are People Generally Happy with their Dental Implants?

People are very happy with it.  Now, on the implants which have crowns on top of them typically people say they forget which are crowns and which are their own teeth.  When they're flossing, when they're chewing, they love it because they don't have sensitivity, they can eat whatever they want and literally they forget which ones are implants.

Now on  the people who have trouble with dentures, they're equally as happy because now they can talk to their grandchildren without their denture popping out and things like that and can go with their friends and eat what they want to eat.  They can actually snap in, and they can smile and eat and be very confident with them.

Another patient I'm thinking about, she was kind of headed toward dentures but we were able to put some implants in that would anchor her partial and it was in a way that didn't show any wires and in a way that she can eat and smile and not worry about her appearance.  The thing I've noticed is that she's dressing fancier and wearing more makeup and just really going to the top level of appearance now and it's the confidence that she has of NOT having a denture fall out or having missing teeth.

What Should People Do to Find Out More?

Well, they can call us because we've had experience in such a different variety of dental implants and a variety of cases.  Basically, we can develop a plan that will help meet their needs and their budget.
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