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Monday - Thursday 8AM - 5PM
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Dr Hill was a judge at this year's Mrs. Arkansas America Pagent.
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Hello, I’m Dr. David Hill in Sherwood and we have a dental office here that the entire family can come to.

We not only do all the work for the adults but the children have fun here, too.  Their favorite thing is the toy chest after their visit, they do get to pick a toy from that and that’s really the main thing on their mind.

But, in addition to checking for cavities we check for any developmental problems, things that might need some early treatment such as early orthodontic problems.  One of them most common things we’d find would be a cross bite where a lower tooth would be in front of an upper, or something like that.  And these are some things we have to correct early.

We want the child to develop as normally as possible and we don’t want the bones in the face following in the footsteps of that bad cross bite.  So, there are things like that that we will check during the entire time that they are growing until they get to be a teenager.
Family Dentistry from Hill Family Dental, Sherwood, Arkansas

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