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Dr Hill was a judge at this year's Mrs. Arkansas America Pagent.
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Hello, I’m Dr. David Hill from Sherwood and one thing I want to talk about is that everybody’s case is different.  There are some really complex cases in dentistry and there’s not one way to treat everybody.  So, a lot of times we will use different treatments and bundle them together to get the result that’s right for that person.

For instance, somebody’s teeth may be just too far apart to do a good job with crowns or veneers alone. So, there are times that we do an orthodontic treatment for a limited number of months, and then were able to finish in crowns and veneers, bridges-whatever we need to have a really nice result.

There are other cases where we might do an implant or a combination of bridges and veneers, and all of this is suited for the different types of situations that we run into in different bites and smiles.

Another thing that we run into is a lot of people over the years their teeth will wear down and get short. And we’ve had a number of cases where we’ve reconstructed their bite and given them a beautiful smile at the same time.
Reconstructive Dental Work - A Combined Approach

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