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Let me talk to you a few minutes about getting the smile you’ve always wanted.  One particular patient comes to mind.  He has spent a couple of tours in Iraq and is retired military but he never had a smile that he was really proud of or the smile that he wanted.  He had a couple of missing front teeth and a couple of teeth that were turned, they weren't straight on the front.

So, we did a permanent bridge across the front and made his teeth straight and pretty and then we started working on the back.  And we were trying to give him something so he would not have to wear partial dentures but could have permanent teeth.  We placed one implant with a crown on his upper and we did two back teeth on his lower arch with crowns on them also.

I love it when he comes to the office because he’ll hardly stop talking.  All he wants to do is, “Hey! Let me tell you about my teeth!”  Charlie has just assured me that it’s the best thing that he’s ever had happen and he will talk to anybody about the difference it’s made in his life.

So, if you've got some questions about how to get the smile you've always wanted just give us a call and we’ll be glad to set up an appointment and help you see how we can get that smile.
Smile Magic - Getting the Smile You've Always Wanted

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