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Hello, I’m Dr. David Hill in Sherwood and we’re going to talk about veneers today.

Veneers can do some pretty amazing things for your smile.  They can whiten your teeth, they can make your teeth appear straighter, you can fill gaps in.  You can make teeth wider, longer, shorter-just about anything you want to do you a tooth you can do to a veneer.

Veneers are like a thin, porcelain facing that fits on the front of the tooth.  And you can make a tooth appear whiter, and you can actually make yourself appear younger by having more ideal, perfect teeth.

So, when we have a case where we do veneers across the front we can literally re-shape their smile-give them a different shape of teeth.  A lot of times teeth will appear worn as time goes on and we can give them a more youthful appearance and give them the smile that they’ve always wanted and more of an ideal smile.

Our goal on veneers is to make them as natural and life-like as we can and that way people just think you were born with a beautiful smile.
Veneers - What They Can and Can't Do

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