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Hello, I’m Dr. David Hill in Sherwood and we’re going to talk about whitening today.  I get a lot of questions about whitening and I do feel that your best value in whitening is through your dentist.  A lot of the over the counter products you can get at your store are not as strong of chemicals and we do have some problems with those.  The two most common that I hear are people either end up with sensitive teeth or sensitive gums.

Now, when we whiten in the office we paint a special protective barrier over your gums so that we can apply that stronger chemical to the teeth.  This allows whitening a lot faster and you go through shades of whitening that way.

So, when you’re whitening you can spend a lot of money on things that you buy at the store with the strips and things like that.  And a lot of people have trouble with the sensitivity and irritation.

The whitening that we typically use is a light assisted bleaching where we use the strong chemicals and there’s a light that actually activates it and makes it work more effectively.  Then you can use trays to touch up with, that are a good chemical, too.

So, I feel like your best overall whitening value and best results in the shortest amount of time are going to be through the dental office-something like the Zoom Whitening Procedure that we do.
Teeth Whitening from Hill Family Dental - What You Need to Know

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