Board & Committees

Board of Directors

Richard Smith – President
Julianne Henderson – Vice President
Sandy Smith – Treasurer
Joan Smith – Secretary
Doug Butler – Director
Charles Derryberry – Director
O.J. Miles – Director
Larry Patrick – Director
Jean Woodworth – Director

HSVTHA Committee Members

James Anderson
David Hill
Robert Jordan
Dennis King
Architectural Review Committee (ARC)

Gary Smith
Dianna Higgins
John Purcell
Dennis King, Chairman
Jan Miles
Debbie Brown
Finance Committee

Janet Peterson, Chairperson
Sandy Corzatt
Willa McGregor
Donella Otter
Susan West
Nominating & Elections Committee

Pat Shade, Arista
Larry Draeger, Balboa Cove
Phyllis Geiger, Castellon
Jean Roberts, Castellon
Suellen Wiggins, Coronado
Bobbie Wilson, Coronado
Sheila Hill, Desoto
Keith Abram, Guadalajara
Gary Smith, La Coruna
Sam & Teresa Arant, Lanza
Patrick Collins, Madrid (Daganza)
Betty & Robert De Long, Madrid (Abaron, Lequita, San Vicente)
Lindy Watts, Madrid, (Torre Del Mar, Cabo Tinoso)
Sheila Hill, Madrid (Aldaya, Escondite, Santona)
Everett C. Brown, Madrid (Halcon)
Richard Smith, Magellan
Joyce Benning, Majorca 2
Gary Smith, Majorca 4, Chairperson
Robert Downey, Majorca 4
Cheryl Boehmke, Segovia
Janet Peterson, Valencia
Sandy Corzatt, Villa Alegre
Gloria Alford, Villa Alegre
Standards, Control & Capital Improvement Committee (SC&CIC)

Dear HSV Townhouse Association Members,

The Board of Directors of the HSV Townhouse Association welcomes you to the Village and to the Association, and is pleased to have you as a member. As a townhouse owner, you automatically become a member of the HSV Townhouse Association. Your active participation on committees and in Townhouse Association affairs is welcomed. The Board of Directors of the HSV Townhouse Association meets in the months of January, March, May, July, September, November, and December on the 2nd Friday @ 9:30 A.M. During the meeting, the Board of Directors and the THA staff are available to answer questions or concerns that owners may have. All members of the HSV Townhouse Association are urged to attend. The HSV Townhouse Association members are also members of the HSV Property Owners Association and, accordingly, are governed by the HSVPOA governing documents and Covenants and Restrictions in addition to the HSV Townhouse Association Supplemental Declaration of Covenants and Restrictions, Articles of Incorporation, By-Laws, and Rules & Regulations. We want to take this opportunity to outline some of your responsibilities as a townhouse owner and to inform you of the HSV Townhouse Association’s responsibilities to you. For a complete listing, please refer to the HSV Townhouse Association governing documents which are available at the HSV Townhouse office, and the HSVPOA governing documents and Covenants and Restrictions available at the POA office.

HSV Townhouse Association
Board of Directors